In Sickness & In Health

Brian and Rachel Stockard journeyed through the tornado of addiction to a place of restoration, and now they want to fight alongside others who are where they once were.

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The Gifts of Grace

Grace Davis was born with an extra chromosome, but from cheering to college admissions, she doesn’t give up on what she sets her mind on.

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From the Ashes

How a grieving father is developing a new class of non-addictive anxiety drugs to address one of the roots of his son’s darkness.

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A Coach to Remember

Bennie Watson was much more than a youth football coach. He was a friend and leader who mentored boys to become men.

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Ninety Years Young

Polly Gilmore lives by a mantra of hard work—and fastidious yard work—from her Vestavia Hills home of 70-plus years.

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This is My Story

A few moments of vulnerability can build community and break down walls. Here’s what that looks like for StoryTellers—and the countless women they have connected with.

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Under the Crown

Behind Collins McMurray’s Miss Alabama’s Outstanding Teen title lies academic rigor, community service and a love for the fine arts.

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A Force of Nature

She might have broken 100 bones by age 10, but there was no stopping Anna Curry Gualano from climbing mountains.

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