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Joan Curtis’ Figures & Forms

On any given day, you can probably find Joan Curtis tucked in her basement studio, palette knife in hand and acrylic paint splattered on the floor, layering paint onto a canvas.

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Meet the Faces Behind Birmingham Dance Theatre

Dance runs three generations deep at Birmingham Dance Theatre. Joni Scofield’s mom Nora Nash started the studio in 1962, Joni took it over in 1984, and her daughters Ally and McCall plan to take its helm it one day.

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The Colors and Textures of Kendall Boggs

Light streams in through the windows of Kendall Boggs’ studio, casting a warm glow on the paintings that line the walls, a coffee maker on a small table and a few empty canvases waiting to spring to life with Kendall’s singular gift.

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Read This Book: Back-to-School Book Season

A patron coined the term one year when her kids were going back to school. “It’s book season!” she told Terri Leslie. For that reason, she often recommends books this time of year with both broad appeal and depth like these titles.

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